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Abdul Rahman Abu Asfar

Abdul Rahman Abu Asfar, a financial and technical analyst, whose name has shone in the field of the stock market as result of successive successes from over 10 years of experience.
Mr. Abed is the Director of the Investment Accounts Department at
Royal Chartered Bankers.
He holds the most trusted certificate for financial analysts ;CFA Chartered Financial Analyst

One of his main goals that he is working to achieve:
• Correcting the wrong ideas and beliefs accumulated by many about financial markets and trading in global stock exchanges, which they have formed as a result of the actions of the weak-minded who claim understanding and knowledge for the purposes of swindling and fraud
• Developing and enhancing the performance of investors in the capital markets with a sophisticated and professional concept in order to raise the levels of Arab investors
• Spreading the correct trading culture, in which beginners are targeted through lectures and educational lessons so that their launch in the financial markets will be successful and based on a scientific basis
• Improving the performance of traders by teaching them technical analysis and how to properly use and implement strategies

Hence the Arab Traders program ; for the first time in the Arab world: a program that provides the Arab trader with real and live trading deals;A precedent that no one dared to do And that resonated throughout the Arab world

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