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Partner with Royal Chartered Bankers and provide your traders with highly standardized trading environment with award winning Client Area and Social Trading Tools. RCB will help you expend your business and meanwhile earn from the highest and automatically customized commissions on market. Royal Chartered Bankers has been dedicated to meet the ongoing needs of its new and already established partners by creating innovative, flexible, and tailored pools of partnership stages. If you are:


Trading Coach

Trading Academy

Signal Provider

B2B Servers

And many more….

Royal Chartered Bankers can offer fully automated stages of commission levels depending on the size of your business, number of accounts introduced, deposits and trading volumes. 

We offer award winning Client Area which will bring the customer experience to another level and will automate the trading process of your Traders in a way that they can fully focus on their trading strategies. 

With our variety of Account Types and Leverage stages we can meet the Trading needs of your Traders.  

Please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form for any idea of Introducing Partnership. Our team will contact you shortly and will discuss the possible collaboration. 

You can also Directly Register as a Partner. After completing the registration our Partnerships team will contact you within 24hrs to discuss and proceed with your Registration.

Become our Rolex Partner

ACHIEVE 20 000 Lots and You Will Earn it

rolex partner

Introducing Brokers Advantages

Clients Area

Take advantage from back-office Client Area which enables you to better manage your clients and to keep them satisfied


Earn commission/Adding to your revenue without additional cost to bear

MetaTrader 5

Take advantage of MT5 integration


Help your activities grow


Give your clients access to advanced platforms and analytical tools


Benefit from dedicated and professional support team

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