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Partners & Licenses

Regulated & Licensed Across the globe

RC Bankers is Registered in Comoros Union, Kuwait, Turkey ,St Vincent, British Virgin Island, , Bulgaria, and aims to continue its expansion globally.
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Our Services

Our Licensed Activities

RC Bankers is licensed to provide the following services and activities:

• Banking services

• Stock exchange

• Brokerage

• Investment & financing cos. & inst. – stocks & bonds

Legal Identity Identifier

Accredited From Bloomberg

Bloomberg Finance LP is an accredited issuer of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI).

The LEI is designed to uniquely identify legal entities that are participants in financial transactions, thereby helping to create greater transparency in the marketplace

Legal Identity Identifier No: 254900YHDL2376J3F220

Global Network

Our Partners

Meet RC Bankers Trusted Partner’s List. We seek to establish business with the most trusted and pioneering companies throughout the world.


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